What is Ta-dah?

Ta-dah is a new entertainment social media app by All In A Day LLC, where users will be challenged to shoot a video, and after uploading the video they can share, comment, or vote other participant’s video. Video with the most votes will be declared as the winner and will be given a prize. Every day there will be new challenges and new winners.

My Role

Working with Ta-dah app gave me a widespread knowledge of full-stack development. I wrote stored procedures to send the data to java code, where I converted the data into JSON (REST APIs) on the server end. On the app end, I called these APIs and parsed the JSON data to show it on the UI that I designed and developed for the app. (A lot of development!)

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Key Development Achievements

Introducing Ta-dah

Cat videos are going to rule the Internet

According to Cisco's report, by 2020, 82% of the Internet traffic would be videos. And here we are providing a wonderful platform so that people can share their videos.

Freedom to choose

Ample amount of time is provided to users to create their own videos, so many users may shoot a video in the morning and maybe edit it and then upload it. But there are users who want to keep it natural without any effects so offering two choices of selecting a video from the gallery and shooting directly with phone camera gives them freedom to choose.

Socilialzing at one place

Users can comment, vote and share their as well as other participant's video, and ease of access to this functionality at one place helps.

Final Product

Have you Ta-dah'ed today?

Download the app and Ta-dah now.

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