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When a person moves to new space, their primary struggle lies in finding things, be it parking spots, classrooms, dining locations, events happening around, etc. I along with three other teammates chose to solve this problem by designing a new solution to help students, both in-state and out of state, in having a better campus experience. The solution is proposed in form of mobile application as smartphones have become an essential need of every individual. The solution focuses on finding building locations, classrooms inside buildings and sharing our own location, especially for IUPUI campus.


~New students join IUPUI every year


From different countries


For different degrees


In various schools

Design Process


We interviewed 11 different students to gain insights and create persoans which would lead our goal directed design. Yi Zhang said she struggled a lot in her first few days to find various buildings, and didn't understand jargons that other people were using.


Observations at 9 different places gave us a lot of data. We observed that most people inquired about navigation to different locations at the front desk.

Data Analysis: Affinity Diagram

  • No reason to remember street names: As many international students doesn’t use car, they have no reason to remember street names or the popular landmarks that car owners know.
  • Problem in finding classroom: In many buildings there are only exit plans and not for classrooms, so finding a particular classroom gets very confusing.
  • Calling friend didn't help: Many times calling a friend in campus didn't help, because he was at the location which was unknown to other users.
  • Events information is not organized: Students wanted all the events happening around the campus at one location.


Low-fidelity Prototypes

Introducing InCampus Locator


Instructional Overlay
Instructional Overlay

Instructional overlay for the first time users to help them navigate in the application.

Buildings or classroom inside buildings can be searched
Shortforms of buildings can also be used
Operation timings also included

Compared to google maps, students can search the buildings by using shortforms and search result will also include the oprational timing of the buildings so that they won't miss out closing time.

Contextual location direction.
Direction inside buildings.
You made it! :)

'Take right at the bike stand' sounds more humane than 'Take right after 5 meters.'

Share your location with the list of contacts.
Locaiton will be exchanged instantly

Friends can request your location
You can review the request later too

On recent activities, you will be able to see friends who have shared their locations, friends who have access to your location and pending requests.

Final Demo

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