Hi! My name is Pushkar Joshi & I'm glad that you like to know more about me. I've completed my undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Dr. BAMU. Later, I worked with Findability Sciences as Mobile Application Developer. And, I am currently a graduate student at IUPUI for HCI major and working as a research assistant for department chair Dr. Davide Bolchini and Dr. Defazio.

When I am not working I sketch, read, give some time to photography (just a neophyte), I taught myself playing keyboards (again neophyte), and mainly I do thinking, a lot. I Started writing a blog. I love listening to Pink Floyd, records of P. L. Deshpande and Led Zeppelin, also some local music. If you think I can help you in making impact, say hello to me on joshi[dot]pushkar[at]hotmail[dot]com.